"Shruti emerges 

Swara manifests 

Raga prevails 

Tala supports 

Pada narrates 

and finally 

the Performance illuminates 

in the continuous and complete fulfilment of 

the singing Voice of Indian Classical Music"

Pandit Ritwik Sanyal

Bearing deep knowledge of the Indian Śāstra(शास्त्र), his remarkable work includes some of the most advanced vocal articulations in the Dhrupad tradition existing today. His style judiciously blends the personalities of both his profoundly talented Gurus, Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar.

Pandit Sanyal’s approach is to explore new dialogues with the Rāga seeking out the eternal resonance with the soul and thus attaining a path towards pure bliss.

He has distinct styles of Ālāpa(आलाप), singing (and composing) Dhrupad lyrics, and teaching Voice Culture and music. 

He has revived many rare Raga-s in performance. He is prolific and continues to compose new bandishes and songs. During the recent trying times of the pandemic, he composed a song set to Rāga Bhīm that is a prayer for the well being of all. 

His vocal and rhythmical techniques are elaborated with extreme precision in Ālāpa, Layakārī (लयकारी), Gamaka (गमक) and in the subtle sounds. 

His Dhrupad bandish include compositions in Sanskrit verse. He has also composed Dhrupad together with cello, flute, Vicitra Vīna (विचित्र वीणा ) and musical voices of other genres. He has also experimented with fusion projects and collaborated with choirs and poetry renditions. 

He has deeply studied the world of Rāga(रा ग) and is steeped in the tradition of Ḍāgar Bānī. His original performance style emphasises rich and very subtle variations in the many musical layers. This evokes the profundity of Dhrupad renditions emerging the Śānta Rasa. (शांत रस)